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​Motor standards are evolving around the world.









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Are you using a world-standard motor?

Efficiency regulations for low-voltage motors are changing day by day due to environmental considerations.
In response to developments in Europe, the Americas, and China, efficiency regulations are changing in Japan as well.
Under such circumstances, how  would like to review the motors used in your products from the perspective of a world-standard motor that can be supplied stably?


ABB(IEC standard) Low Voltage Motor General Catalog

Click on the catalog image and fill out the questionnaire to download a simplified general catalog of ABB's low-voltage motors.(in Japanese language)

We support our customers with the world's No.1 market share and technical capabilities.

Supports a wide range of efficiency and explosion-proof standards from around the world.

Compliant with major national standards in China,  Australia, India, Brazil, etc. UL certification for NEMA motors.

Motor Brand- ABB/ Baldor

Extensive IEC and NEMA product line

ABB brand: IEC standard motors 
15% global market share  (No.1 in 2018)Wide assortment of low voltage 0.09kw to 1000kw

BALDOR brand: NEMA standard motors for Over 30% share in North America market
Wide assortment  of low voltage 0.06kW to 1125kW


*Mainly in Millimeter Dimensions (mm)

  • Low-voltage induction motors

  • High-voltage induction and synchronous motors

  • Generators

  • Explosion-proof motors

  • Marine motors (ship class)

  • Permanent magnet motors

  • Synchronous reluctance motors

*Mainly in inch dimensions

  • Low voltage induction motors

  • High voltage induction and synchronous motors

  • Explosion-proof motors / IEEE841 motors

  • Washable stainless steel motors

  • DC motors

  • Ultra energy-efficient synchronous motors

  • Submersible pump motors and submersible motors

  • Inverter integrated motors (IE5)

<​Example of compliance with efficiency standards and explosion-proof standards>

  • USA/Canada: NEMA, UL Standard, Cul, CSA, NEC505, NEC500, UL Explosion Proof

  • EU: UKEX UK High Efficiency CE standard

  • China: GB2 (IE4) label compliant, GB3, GB4, CEL, China High Efficiency Label, CHINA energy Ravel, EX-CCC explosion proof

  • India: BIS, CCoE, IS, India Explosion-proof

  • Mexico: High efficiency, NOM

  • Vietnam: High efficiency

  • Korea: S Mark

<Example of special specifications>

  • High efficiency standard IE4 IE5

  • Hydrogen explosion-proof motors

  • Submersible motors, submerged motors, flood motors

  • Stainless steel motors

  • EC Titanium: Motor with integrated inverter

  • Motor for cooling tower 575V, 480V, 460V, 208V, 380V​

ABB Motor Domestic Sales and Service Offices

Sales and service network supporting all over Japan

List of service factories/service partner companies

  • Meidensha Co., Ltd./Meiden Kiden Kogyo Co., Ltd. Ota Factory (Ota City, Gunma Prefecture)

  • JFE Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. Fukuyama Office (Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture)

  • Nakajima Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Toda City, Saitama Prefecture)

  • Daito Engineering Co., Ltd. (Nishi-ku, Osaka City)

  • Hayashi Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

  • Ito Electric Co., Ltd. (Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture)

  • Nomura Kodensha Co., Ltd. (Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)

  • Yokota Denko Co., Ltd. (Sammu City, Chiba Prefecture)

Tokiwa Electric is the only AVP (Global Authorized ABB Distributor) in Japan.
Tokiwa Electric Co., Ltd.

Himeji Head Office
2-4-1 Kita Imajuku, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL: 079-298-1124​

Osaka office
4-1-45 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
TEL: 06-6395-1752


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